Private schools recovering big money despite court order, Education Department in deep Slumber


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Apr, 17:
On one side the Honable court issued an order tried to stop the readmission, Annual fees, selling of stationery items in the school premises regarding private schools but few schools continues taking the re admission in the name of hefty amount and continues violation the order of the court in the nose of the Education department at Samba here today.
According to the sources,despite the order of the court, the private schools of Samba District taking admission in the name of annual charges and looted the parents of the children with big amount not only this a few schools of the samba town taking hefty amount from the parents of the children and not giving the slip of the admission fee but the education department in deep slumber and failed to take strict action against them but the said schools openly looted the people in the nose of the said department. People told that even though private school owners are demanding payment in cash, many parents are asked to make a check or online payment but the school management is denied by the management, it is being done for the business of black money.
The people have demanded from DC Samba Sushma Chouhan to take strict action against the said schhol of samba town who were taking hefty amount in the name of annual charges and continues violation the norms of the court order.
When contacted wit chief education officer in this regard and asked for information he said that the education department has been constituted the team zone level and the said team which will conduct surprise raid in private schools.
When he was asked what action has been taken against any school so far he said that the teams have been formed around four to five days earlier.


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