Congress, BJP failed to represent Jammu region in Parliament: Shiv Sena


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Apr, 17:
Shiv Sena Bala Sahib Thackrey, J&K asserted that despite repeated opportunities given to Congress and BJP to represent Jammu region in the Parliament, the people of this marginalized region were a disappointed lot. In a press conference Dimpy Kohli State President along with Manish Sahni, Harsh Gupta and Raj Singh said that “Congress and BJP continued to get peoples’ mandate for the last around 70 years one after the other, but failed on each occasion to live up to the expectations of their electorates with their dismal performance in the Lok Sabha having antagonized even their own voters.”
Regretting the failure of the erstwhile MPs in projecting the cause of Jammu region in Parliament, Kohli said that they had lost the right to seek peoples’ votes.
“They have no moral authority to represent Jammu region. They have cheated the West Pak Refugees, the PoJK migrants, the people on the international border and LoC besides having surrendered over their age old slogans of abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A. They failed to adequately safe-guard our pluralistic ethos. Both BJP and Congress MPs remained mute spectators in the face of gross neglect of Jammu region even by the GoI apart from the State Government. Their leadership failed to protect and safeguard even the honour and dignity of the people of Jammu in testing times thereby shaking the faith of the people in all these parties”, Kohli added.
Kohli urged the people to support Meenakshi Chibber, Shiv Sena candidate from Kathua Udhampur Doda Parliamentary constituency in the second phase of ensuing Lok Sabha elections so that the problems being faced by the people of Jammu region would be resolved at the earliest.
Urging upon the people to support Shiv Sena, Kohli said that the Party alone had the political will and capacity to counter the anti-Jammu forces.


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