Sawhney addresses women Advocates, assures elections to J&K Bar Council, other facilities, stipends, computers, e libraries, free wifi etc


Jammu, Apr 15:
The campaigning for the J&K High Court Bar Association Jammu’s Elections has geared up and all the candidates are holding meetings of lawyers to garner vote and support. In this connection Mr A K Sawhney Advocate the candidate for the post of President J&K High Court Bar Association Jammu held an interactive meeting with lady lawyers in the ladies Bar room here today in a jam packed Bar room.
Several senior lady lawyers were present in the meeting who included Mrs Surinder Kour, Mrs Asha Koul, Mrs Suman Mala, Mrs Vijay Angral, Mrs Deepali, Ms Leena Devi, Ms Nigam Bhardwaj and many more. Mr A K Sawhney Advocate – Presidential candidate told the lawyers that his only agenda  for contesting the elections for the post of President of esteemed association is that he wants the J&K Bar Council’s first elections to be held and the powers be transferred from the High Court to the elected Bar Council of the State. Mr A K Sawhney Advocate former Bar President of HCBA Jammu also narrated his journey of professional life as how despite being refugees he by his dint of hardwork had risen from a transporter’s family to a leading lawyer. He narrated to the audience that in his college days he worked as a truck conductor and side by side continued with his studies and from there he became a Munsiff.  He further shared with the audience that after an year he resigned from the post of Munsiff and accepted the challenge of law practise and how he faced ups and downs in life. He said the only mission of his life which is unfinished is to see an elected Bar Council in J&K and for which he is contesting the elections to pursue his struggle for an elected Bar Council of J&K. He explained how the Bar Council would function and also have its members in the Bar Council of India. He said that where there are elections for the Parliament, Assembly and even local bodies there from 1961 the elections to the Bar Council have not been held despite Supreme Court’s orders. He also mentioned that how the Jammu Bar has unitedly fought against the injustice to the lawyers and people of the region and state in general and reminded them of several agitations.
He said that the main problem of the time was brain drain and the talents amongst the young lawyers leaving the profession for greener pastures and social security. He said such type of conferences are required and stalwarts of the profession would be requested to give lectures to the young budding lawyers to encourage them and this would a regular feature of the J&K High Court Bar.
He assured that in case he is voted as President of the Bar Association Jammu for which the elections are due from quite a time now, he shall restore the glory of the Bar  and leave no stone unturned for the dignity of the lawyers. He also put light on the problems of the young lawyers like corruption in lower rung, work problems, stress, arrogance of the presiding officers and lack of library, computers and basic amenities and dignified sitting arrangements etc. He also said that the lady lawyers who don’t have their own conveyance have to travel long distances in matadors and other public transport and in case he is elected as the President, he would ensure that a dedicated matador service is started for the ladies and other transport service which takes lawyers from one court to another. He said that he would strive to work for solving the problems of young Lawyers. He also assured that once the Bar Council is formed there would be provision of  ‘Stipend’ for young Lawyers upto 7 years and further he would ensure free interest Mr A K Sawhney further declared that in case he is elected he would ensure easy loans for Lawyer’s Libraries and other facilities of Advocates. Besides that he also said that the Fake L.L.B. Degrees would be checked, Toutism to be checked. He also said that he would make efforts for a Sports Stadium/ Gym, Health Club for lawyers for de stressing.


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