MH Pathankot helps to meet Aspirations of Anushika for Board Exam


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Apr 02
Doctors at the Pathankot Military Hospital on the night of 26 March 2019 performed an emergency Laparoscopic Surgery on a 14 year old girl Anushika, for a perforated appendicitis.
Major Adil Abdul Kalam, the Surgical Specialist performed an intricate operation of removing the ruptured appendix which had caused severe infection in the intestines and surrounding structures. The operation was performed in an emergency, which if even delayed by a few hours could have resulted in multi organ system failure.
The doctor said that it was a challenging task to manage the case laparoscopically since the surrounding intestines and organs had stated forming a lump which was friable to touch. Dedicated post operative treatment ensured that the girl could appear for her final paper in the ongoing Class 10 Board Exams just two days after the operation with no assistance on 29 March 2019.
The dedication of the doctors and nurses at Military Hospital Pathankot allowed Anushika to get back to her books the day after surgery with renewed energy and vigour The child’s mother expressed her undying gratitude to the medical team at the Military Hospital for not only saving her daughter’s life but also for ensuring that she did not lose the opportunity of finishing her exams.
Brigadier Ajith Nilakantam, Commandant of the Hospital stated that the hospital was always striving to provide state of the art care, including advanced laparoscopy, to Army personnel and Ex servicemen, in the three states of J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.


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