Congress manifesto is against National Interests: Priya Sethi


Shadow Correspondent
jammu,Mar, 02
Former Minister, and Spokesperson of BJP J & K Priya Sethi said that NC, Congress, PDP are all together responsible for disturbance in the Valley and for Jammu discrimination too.
She said that as from last 70 years they never tried to solve the issues excepting getting Power but now they themselves got exposed before Kashmiri people as well as before Jammuties who have never supported Pro-PaK,Pro-Seperatist leaders.
Priya directly attacked on EX CM Omar Abdullha’s statement and said that the statement by Ex CM is lowest in politics and he questioned the Indian Constitution and Sovereignty and he is trying to spitting venom against India like PDP Chief Mahbooba Mufti and Seperatists.
Priya added that Omar Abdullha should know this that PIL challenging Article 370 is pending in the Hon ble Court so he should not confuse Kashmiris for vote bank politics.
While doing door to door campaigning for BJP in Jammu, She further said that The two mainstream parties PDP & NC in Kashmir are losing their identity because of false promises to people and now they are speaking the separatists and the terrorists languages who want Azadi which India will never and never accept is not a distant possibility,It is an impossibility.” Priya further said that most unfortunate is the statements of NC leaders of Jammu who even knowing everything are trying to show that they don’t know anything.
Sethi advised the NC leaders of Jammu that they should leave party on this statement of their leader otherwise future generations will never forgive them .
Priya added that just today Congress has released manifesto which they believes that will help them to get back to power but people of New India are well aware that Congress actually promises only as they have been in power for 5-6 decades and is also in power now in some states but do nothing and it is shocking that Congress plays so low poliltics that in manifesto they wrote to amend AFSPA,which will deprive the forces of immunity and Congress manifesto also mentioned to abolish the sedition law if voted to power which totally exposed the real face of congress and their manifesto is totally against National Interests.
Priya Sethi appealed all the three regions of the state not to get mislead by these double standard parties as what they not done from last 70 years ,Modi Govt led did it in just five years but still more has to do for people and appealed the state for the vote for Modi to save country which we call as Bharat,Hindustan,India.


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