We will vote for survival and not for empty slogans : Ankur Sharma


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Mar, 20
Chairman of IkkJuttt Jammu Ankur Sharma said “The JIHADI INVASION of Jammu is still continuing and we are face to face with a grim battle of survival,” while addressing a Press Conference at IkkJutt office in Jammu.
Ankur Sharma said that the voter in Jammu is conscious about the dangers to Jammu and will not be misled by slogans and promises which are empty.
“Ikk Jutt will play a decisive role in the Assembly elections but will not remain a silent spectator in the Parliamentary elections”, Ankur Sharma said.
” We will mobilise people of Jammu around an agenda which addresses the survival concerns of people of Jammu because Jihadi invasion of Jammu is far from having abated.”
Ankur said people of Jammu are living as enslaved people whose rights have been trampled over for more than seven decades.
” We are suffering a servitude and not merely discrimination, and candidates who identify with this reality will get the support of people of Jammu,” Ankur said and declared that people will be mobilised around an agenda which is profound and meaningful.


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