Cleanliness drive organized at Tawi River near Sidhra Bridge


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Mar, 20
Swachhta Pakhwara is being observed by CWC, Jammu . Subsequently today, Cleanliness drive was organized at Tawi River near Sidhra Bridge in Jammu by the officers and staffs of M&A Directorate and Chenab Division, CWC, Jammu.
All the staff members of both the offices actively participated in the drive to clean the Tawi River near Sidhra Bridge, Jammu. In this event, all the volunteers were divided into three teams for demarcating the polluted area, collection of the waste/garbage, segregation of the organic and inorganic waste and transportation of the waste from the bank of the River for its proper disposal away from the River. Banners and hoardings were displayed by the participants conveying message of Swachh Bharat in the form of slogans, phrases, merits of Swachhta, outcome of keeping environment & surrounding clean. Refreshment was served to all the staff members and local residents of nearby area of Tawi River near Sidhra Bridge.


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