Rajput Sabha nominates Central Working Committee


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 12:
In press conference held today, Judge Paviter Singh (Retd.), President, Amar Khastriya Rajput Sabha (AKRS) disclosed that Rajput community has been cheated and looted of their history, heritage and assets by those who were interested with the duty to safe the community Paviter Singh was elected unanimously on Jan 2019 as president of AKRS, J&K In an emergency meeting of Central Working Committee after the then president Narayan Singh jamwal tendered his resignation in the wake of joining Bhartiya Janta Party. Narayan Singh also dissolved central working committee along with all sub committees including the district, tehsil level and shakha sabahas. Paviter Singh assumed the charge of President AKRS and started to streamline the system for preparing a roadmap for free and fair elections. Later, he called a general council meeting of prominent biradari members, ex-presidents, district and tehsil sabha members on 4th Feb 2018 in which it was unanimously agreed to constitute a fresh central working committee for revival of the democratic setup of AKRS It was also decided to increase sabha mernbership for a large electorate so that entire rajput bradari can be involved. As stated, Praviter Singh, President called for records and accounts from ex-president Narayan Singh which he never presented. !t also came to the knowledge that presently a meager income of Rs. 1,800/- per month is being generated by Rajput sabha.
Meanwhile, it was learnt that a charitable trust in an extremely clandestine with rnalcifide intensions was formed by Narayan Singh Jamwal, ex president in 2006 to divert the incomr- of AKRS to this trust. He being the chairman is solely operating it illegally without any authorization. ,As per the constitution (Niyamawali) of AKRS, a political person cannot hold any position in the sabha despite that Narayan Singh having tendered his resignation and also joining BJP, still convened and presided over a meeting at Billawar, Kathua on 10m Jan 2019 alongwith ex-office bearers and passed an illegal resolution acting against interest and welfare of biradari. Paviter Singh, President condemned the acts of BJP Vice President, Narayan Singh Jamwal and the resolution which he adopted in a illegal and unconstitutional meeting presided over without permission of president of AKRS amounting to interference into the affairs of sabha. Further. Paviter Singh appealed the biradari members for the support to strengthen the sabha thus paving way and environment to hold free and fair elections as early as possible by involving larger participation of biradari members across J&IS. Later, the President nominated the members of the central working commtee namely Brig. MS Jamwal, Brig. Uttam Singh Chib, Mubarak Slathia, Retd. Deputy Comm;ssioner, Sudhir Singh. Jasrotia, Retd. iGp, CRPF, Anoop Singh Slathia, Retd, DIG, Col. Karan Singh, Balbir Manhas, Advocate, Bhupinder Singh Slathia, Advocate, Co! Sushil Singh Pathania, Jai Singh: och, Shanu Jamwall Dharamvir, Ex- Deputy Mayor, Col. Sanjay Jamwal.


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