5 Ayurvedic Foods and Remedies To Relieve Headache


Whether you are in the middle of road traffic, in office or in the closed comforts of your home, headaches are never easy to deal with. Many a times when it comes to headaches, we tend to not take it seriously. We think it’ll pass with a cup of coffee, or just by distracting ourselves in some work. Sometimes, these quick fixes may work, but not all the time. Ayurveda has many natural home remedies that my help soothe headaches effectively.
Here are some Ayurvedic ways in which you can fix your headache:
According to Ayurveda Expert Dr. Dhanvantri Tyagi, “The best remedy to cure a headache is a soothing head massage. Dehydration is also one of the causes for headaches in pitta type headaches. Keep sipping into water or healthy beverages to keep headaches away. Sometimes your headache is tied with cold and cough too. At this time, de-clogging your nostrils with herbal oils or ghee helps immensely.”
He also suggests some foods and herbs that may help too.
1. Brahmi:
The cooling herb is known to cut down stress and depression. Putting a few drops of brahmi and ghee in the nostrils may soothe headaches.
2. Chandan or sandalwood:
One of the age-old remedies to soothe headache is to apply chandan or sandalwood paste on forehead. Take half teaspoon of sandalwood powder and mix it with some water until you get a paste. Apply this paste on your forehead and let it sit for 20 minutes.
3. Tagar:
Tagar is a hairy perennial herb with a long history of traditional medicinal use. You can use medicated oils for massage, or steep the herb in a tea for relief.
4. Choti elaichi:
Biting into choti elaichi is also an effective way to keep certain headaches at bay.
5. Rock Salt:
At times, replacing common salt with rock salt may prove to be a better pick for treating severe headaches. Drinking lukewarm water with a pinch of rock salt is a good remedy for certain kinds of headaches.
Know The Ayurvedic Prakriti Of Your Headache
In Ayurveda, headaches are classified as vata, pitta and kapha type. Knowing the types of headache could help you in choosing the perfect remedy.
Vata type of headache
Vata type headaches are usually in the back portion of the head. The throbbing pain originates at the back and may travel to the front. Tension in the neck, shoulders, constipation, back stiffness is also associated with this type of headache.
What may help:
According to the book, “The Complete Book of Home Remedies”, by Dr. Vasant Lad, putting 3 to 5 drops of warm ghee in each nostril may help soothe the headache. Do check if you are properly hydrated, at times dehydration may also triggers headaches. Mixing 1 tablespoon of sugar and half teaspoon of salt in glass of water may help. The “Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” also recommends applying a paste of nutmeg powder on the forehead.
Pitta Type of Headache
In the pitta type headaches, the pain starts from the temple area and travels to the central part of the head. The shooting pain worsens when standing out in the sun, or by eating spicy foods.
What may help:
Taking two tablespoon of aloe vera gel, upto three times a day, could help you get some relief. Applying a cooling paste of sandalwood paste on your head could also help immensely, so does drinking cumin and coriander tea, suggests Dr. Vasant Lad.
Kapha Type of Headache
Kapha type headaches are typically the ones that occur during the winter or spring season. It often strikes in morning or evening and tends to get worse as you bend down, writes Dr. Vasant Lad. This kind of headache is often tied with clogged and congested nose.


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