Tourism Deptt neglecting talented artists of Jammu: Shiv Sena


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Feb 11
Shiv Sena Bala Sahib Thackrey today expressed resentment against the Tourism Department of Jammu for neglecting the talented artists of the Jammu region.
Addressing a press conference here, Dimpy Kohli, State President of Shiv Sena with Gen. Secretary Manish Sahni said that in the three-day Jammu Mahotsav organised by the Tourism Department has spent lakh of rupees in highlighting the rich culture and heritage of the State. Kohli appreciated the efforts of Tourism Department for organizing this grand event that celebrates Jammu and its colorful rich culture, dance, music, food, vibrant costumes and beautiful handicrafts. He said such type of festival was organised with a view to put Jammu region’s cultural diversity on display for national and international tourist fraternity but leaving aside the local artists of Jammu region will not be tolerated at any costs. Kohli said that Dogri artists who are getting appreciation from across the globe and ignoring them on such significant event raised eye-brows towards the authorities sitting at the helm of affairs. He said that in the three-day festival titled ‘Jammu Mahotsav’, the Tourism Department had invited artists like Aabha Hanjura, a Kashmiri Sufi Singer and Sherry Mann, a Punjabi Pop singer.
Kohli made it clear that three-day festival based on Jammu and the main thrust of department should be on highlighting the artists of Jammu region.
He said the department has spent lakhs of rupees for the performance of artists invited from other states thus ignoring the local artists. We are not against the Punjabi artists or artists from other states, we just want that instead of calling the artists from other States, the government should promote the local artists and also highlight the rich heritage and culture of Jammu region which is disappearing day by day.
Shiv Sena also noticed that the hoardings displayed in the Jammu city showing the pictures of local artists in very small sizes and the artists from Srinagar and neighbouring state were in very big size. Sahni criticized the State Tourism Department for not giving priority to the local artists. He said that if the government is not capable to create employment avenues for the people of Jammu region then it has no moral right to demoralize the morale of highly talented artists of Jammu region.
Shiv Sena warned the authorities of Tourism Department to beware from such tactics against Dogra culture and take always positive steps in promoting the local artists and rich culture and heritage of Jammu region. On this occasion vice president Harsh Kumar Gupta , Romesh Koul, Surjeet Singh Chib , Sect Raj Singh , Vikas Bakshi , Raju Chowdary , Raju Salaria , Vikram Sharma , Sunny Jamwal , Rohit Anand , Ravinder Singh , R S Jamwal , Akshit Talwar and many others were present.


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