Furious Kangana hits out at Bollywood for ganging up on her


Actress Kangana Ranaut hit out at the Hindi film industry for not supporting her recently-released film ‘Manikarnika’ and alleged that the industry was ganging up against her for daring to raise the issue of nepotism. Ranaut on Thursday told reporters after holding a special screening of ‘Manikarnika’ for school children: “How will you feel if an entire classroom gets together and bullies one person? They have no shame. I don’t want to work with these people and I say it on their faces. Some of them are as old as my grandfather.” “I used to call them out here and there for things like sexism, nepotism, pay-parity earlier, but now I will not spare them and will expose each one of them. They have called for trouble by ganging up on me. ‘Main Inki Vaat Laga Dungi'”: she said.When the actor asked if it would have helped if Bollywood had actively promoted ‘Manikarnika’, she said, “How will that benefit me? I have already won a couple of national awards. At the age of 31 I am a filmmaker, how will they promote me. It’s enough that they are promoting each other.”


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