NPP fast filling the political vacuum in Jammu region: Harsh


Shadow Correspondent
Ramnagar, Jan, 20
While BJP assisted Mehbooba Mufti in implementing a significant part of her agenda during the aborted coalition rule, it hopelessly failed to deliver on even a single promise made by it with its own electorates, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He was addressing a mammoth convention of Young Panthers organized by youth wing of the party in Ramnagar town today.
The erstwhile rule witnessed the complete eclipse of Jammu related issues with both state and central govt desperately wooing Mehbooba Mufti and her Kashmir centric agenda, said Harsh.
“The release of a record number of stone-pelters besides other notorious elements in Kashmir was ordered at the behest of Mehbooba Mufti as a part of her political agenda. Likewise, the declaration of unilateral ceasefire which was initially opposed by Army as well as Defence Minister was also ordered in a bid to appease Mehbooba and to promote her political agenda. Similarly, it was in the BJP-PDP govt that a highly communal order with regard to the tribal settlements was issued with the saffron Ministers acting as mute spectators. Again the BJP had to eat a humble pie when PDP leadership prevailed in Rasana case refusing to honour the demand of Jammu people for CBI probe. And whereas the PDP leadership refused to budge even an inch with respect to its core philosophy, it was the BJP which made one surrender after the other and compromising eventually even the self respect and pride of Dogras”, regretted Singh.
Mr. Harsh Dev Singh regretted that slogan of the abrogation of Art 370 which earlier remained the major poll plank of BJP for several decades, was sacrificed immediately after the elections at the altar of power politics. And when Article 35-A was challenged, the saffron flavoured govt of J&K hired five advocates in the court to defend the same, rued Harsh.
He maintained that the educated youth of Jammu bore the severest brunt of unethical alliance when their routine share in employment also went the Kashmir way. With imbecile BJP leadership failing to assert in the wake of highly biased administrative set up and extremely prejudiced recruitment agencies, the educated youth of Jammu suffered the most hostile discrimination with an abysmally all time low share in employment, lamented Mr. Singh.
And as if that was not enough, argued Singh, the highly impudent BJP leadership gave Jammuites shocker of their lifetimes by compromising with the very dignity and self respect of Dogras. It inflicted the biggest dent upon Dogra pride when Dogras were tagged as ‘rapist supporters’ in its rule and its Ministers were shamelessly toeing the Mehbooba line deliriously oblivious of the massive outrage sparked in Jammu, said Mr. Singh.
Not only had the BJP played with the emotions of the people but it had miserably failed on the development front as well, said Harsh. Pointing towards the utter neglect of Mubarak Mandi Project and Tawi Artificial Lake project, Mr. Singh regretted that Dogra culture and heritage too suffered criminal apathy at the hands of BJP leadership.
He reminisced the introduction of 49 Kashmiri language posts in Jammu colleges to the neglect of Dogri. And the Dogras and civil society of Jammu had to take to streets to get Dogri posts sanctioned for Jammu Colleges, recalled Harsh. With peoples’ disenchantment growing with each passing day and the tide turning fast against BJP, the lotus that bloomed in Jammu in 2014 shall completely wither before 2019, remarked Mr. Singh. He said that NPP was fast occupying the political vacuum in Jammu region.
Mrs. Manju Singh General Secretary JKNPP dwelt at length over party’s struggled during the past four years for the cause of Jammu his tenure. She appealed the people of all religious faiths to join hands to empower Panthers Party which he claimed was the only secular party of the state. She urged upon the people to teach a befitting lesson to the mandated leaders of Jammu region who had raised fortunes for themselves by ignoring the common man, she said that NPP alone could ensure justice to the marginalized and highly deprived Jammu region.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Pawan Dev Singh, Sunder Rani, Santosh Bhagat, Sunita Sharma, Nisha Ekta, Ashri Devi, Anu Radha, Bholi Devi, Rampaul Bhagat, Subash Sharma, Mobin Banday, Vijay Kumar, Sanjay Sharma, Ravi Sharma, Sunil Singh, Mohd Qazi, Mohan Lal Bhagat, Mohit Mankotia, Ashutosh, Pushpinder Singh besides others.


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