Why Shouldn’t You Stand And Eat Food According To Ayurveda?


Ayurvedic practices have many wisdoms pertaining to diet. In addition to the many foods and herbs, Ayurveda also suggests a few ways on how you should have your food, drinks and beverages. You may have heard people say, ‘Sit down and eat. You should never stand and eat’. Turns out, that this particular mode of eating is a significant practice in Ayurveda.
In the present world when you are often too pressed to even grab a meal, taking the luxury of sitting down and having one may seem a tad too much for few. But Ayurveda has its own reasons, on why the practice has its own benefits, and why at least for having food you must allow yourself a good amount of time and a proper place to sit.Ayurveda expert Dhanvantri Tyagi says, “It is not as if eating food while standing has any significant disadvantage to your health. But eating in a proper sit-down arrangement, is a way of showing respect to the food. It is because we have food on our plate that we are alive, hence it must be given all the due respect and not be chugged down in a hurry. There is also a concept of ‘sukoon’ that is very important in Ayurvedic dietary practice. Sukoon roughly translates to happiness, contentment and satisfaction, all of which is possible when you sit and eat.”Ayurveda expert and Manager of clinical operations at Shree Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan, one of the oldest Ayurveda companies in the world also agrees and adds, ” Another very significant practice we follow in Ayurveda is that of focusing on your plate. Distracted eating is a big no-no in Ayurveda, one must chew their food properly, leave all their stress and commitment aside and eat their food.
Sitting down ensures you are little less distracted and draws more of your attention towards what is plated. In ancient practice, people used to sit down on floor and have their meals in ‘sukoon’ for a good span of time. One should never hurry while eating.
Several experts have also claimed that when you are sitting and eating your posture is ideal for smooth digestion, and keep gastric problems at bay.”
Not just Ayurveda, the idea of distracted and hurried eating is also condemned by contemporary scientists and experts. It is believed that people, once seated are less likely to rush through their meals. Scientists also say that eating more slowly is considered to be healthy and weight loss friendly, as it rapidly increases fullness and gives you better signal of when you are satiated, which further amounts to a reduced calorie intake.


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