Devinder Seth convenes meeting of various Khatri Sabhas


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Dec, 30
Enthralled by the achievements and the working of Vishal Khatri Sabha (Regd), the committee members of various Khatri Sabha’s requested for convening immediate meeting of Vishal Khatri Sabha to deliberate on future programmes.Keeping their trust in view, a meeting of the Vishal Khatri Sabha, which comprises of Khukhran khatris, Dogra Khatris, Arora Khatris and Swarnakar Khatris, was held under the chairmanship of Sh. Devinder Seth (Convenor of the Sabha).Large number of members of above mentioned Sabhas participated in the meeting held on 30.12.2018, wherein, they deliberated in length and suggested measures which include, honouring meritorious Khatri students who hold top positions in technical educations.
It was also suggested that meritorious Khatri officers whose contributions are recognized by the society should also be honored.
Large numbers of community members were of the view that Khatri’s in particular in our state are being discriminated in all departments of employments/ promotions/ adjustments, etc. and it was forcefully stressed that government should be approached. for redressal since, large number of Khatri families are residing in the state, ever since the state came into existence and khatri’s in particular have contributed much more than anybody else but its regretful to say that due place both in services as well as in political circles has always been ignored as such humble request for allotment of quota for khatri Community on the basis of number of Khatri Families in the state, should be pressed for.About 40-50 different biradari members participated and prominent amongst them were S.C Rekhi. Sh.Hari Gandotra, Sh. I.D. Soni, Sh. Ramesh Sabharwal, Sh. S.P Verma (President Awardee), Sh. Ramanand, Sh.S.P Arora and Sh. Ramesh Arora.A Remembrance tribute towards efforts of late. Sh. Kirti Kumar kapahi towards Vishal Khatri Sabha was also given.The meeting then ended with vote of thanks by Sh. Hari Gandotra wishing prosperous New Year along with an assurance that the working committee will exert and arrange to work according to the suggestions put forth by the community members.


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