Arthritis and diabetes may go hand in hand


Is the condition of arthritis and prediabetes related? Physical inactivity and obesity are two factors associated with an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, and arthritis has been determined to be a barrier to physical activity among adults with obesity. A recent analysis combined the 2009-2016 National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) dataset and has found that arthritis among adults with prediabetes was 32 per cent. People suffering with both conditions arthritis and prediabetes and also, obesity and physical inactivity were found to be 56.5 per cent and 50 per cent, respectively. The importance of this data is to understand that arthritis-specific barriers to physical activity can be one of the causes for diabetes, explains Dr Krishna Subramanyam, senior orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon at Yashoda Hospitals. A recent study published in Morbidity and Mortality Week report, states that one in three of adults with arthritis were also in a prediabetic condition? If so why?Diabetes and joint pain are considered to be independent conditions. Joint pain may be a response to an illness, injury, or arthritis. It can be chronic (long-term) or acute (short-term). Diabetes is caused by the body not using the hormone, insulin, correctly, or insufficient production of it, which affects blood sugar levels. A hormone related blood sugar condition can affect joint health after the development of diabetes. But is not necessarily one of the causes for development of the disease. Does this mean that those who have a condition of arthritis must actually check on their physical activity so that obesity and both diabetes can be kept away?Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. It may be caused or aggravated by excess weight. OA is not directly caused by diabetes. Instead, being overweight increases the risk of developing both type 2 diabetes and OA. Obesity is a major cause in both these conditions. In arthritis, we find that physical activity is limited because of the pain. Due to this reason there is development of diabetes.What is the impact of this study in health-care professions?Excess weight is now coming across as a risk factor for various diseases. In osteoarthritis too, the main stress is laid on managing weight. Excess weight puts more pressure on the bones. Similarly, those who are diabetic and have excess weight, controlling blood sugar levels is a challenge too. The crux of this study is to effectively manage arthritis in patients so that their weight is controlled and hence does not push their blood sugar levels higher.


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