Balraj Bakshi honoured at JNU


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Nov 25
Eminent Urdu poet and Story Writer Balraj Bakshi was honored at Jawahar Lal Nehru University at New Delhi, this week. He was presented a shawl and a memento by Raj Narain Shukla, the Executive Chairman of Bhasha Sansthan Lucknow.
Mr. Bakshi was invited there to participate in a three day Seminar organized by Uttar Pradesh Bhartiya Bhasha Sansthan of Lucknow, in collaboration with Sanskrit & Ancient Studies Department of JNU. The programme was to study the inter relation of similarities in scheduled as well as nonscheduled Indian languages which have always played mutually complimentary roles. Papers were presented on topics transcending the language family, structural and typological approaches and covered topics as varied as folk literature, literature of all times, Indian literary tradition and philosophy.
Balraj Bakshi deliberated on the subject of Linguistic and Historical perspective of Urdu language in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
It will be pertinent to add that Mr. Bakshi has already been awarded by Utter Pradesh Urdu Akademy, Bihar Urdu Akademy and with J&K State government Award.
Mr. Nirmal Vinod, the noted Dogri poet and Mr. Shiv Nirmohi, the prolific writer also participated in the event.


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