When actors play themselves: It’s trending biopics on the web


Move over true-story films. This is the season of biographical web series. From Shama Sikander’s Ab Dil Ki Sunn, Sunny Leone’s Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone to Kunaal Roy Kapur’s Side Hero, web series based on the true stories of these actors have become immensely popular. After the success of season one, Sunny Leone has released the second season of her show and Shama is also working on the second part of her series.“I wanted my story to be as close to the truth as possible. I was determined to not sensationalize anything. When it’s my own story, I thought what can be better than me being a part of it. While part one is all about why I’ve taken certain decisions in life, the second season is my crazy journey along with family, friends, acquaintances and meeting Daniel [Weber]… It’s very emotional,” says Sunny.Shama Sikander is working on the second season of her show Ab Dil Ki Sunn that will be aired on her YouTube channel, where the first season was also aired.Through her story, Shama Sikander wants to encourage people battling mental health issues to open up about their problem. “My personal experience helped in making it authentic,” she says.Bollywood filmmaker Rohan Sippy directed Side Hero.Unlike Ab Dil Ki Sunn and Karenjit Kaur, Side Hero blends reality with a dose of fiction. “While a part talks about how this fellow, who is connected to the film world because of his brothers and sister-in-law, plays side heroes , the rest is fictionalized.


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