Doctor develops cosmetics that can protect against acid attacks


Acid attacks have become a cause for concern in many parts of the world as a large number of women are at risk. Such incidents are not only extremely painful but leave survivors with scars as well as psychological trauma for life.In a bid to protect women against such agony, a doctor is developing make-up which is acid-proof. Dr Almas Ahmed has spent a decade to create a chemical that can prevent acid burns after being mixed in cosmetics.The compound will not react with any corrosive substances like acid and is called Acarrier. Our questions about a women’s prior experience with menstrual pain allowed us to include all the women in the study.”As the study is observational it is not able to show that soy formula causes the menstrual pain in adulthood, only that it is linked to it. Dr Baird said: “Although a growing body of research studies collectively lend support to the potential reproductive health consequences of early-life exposure to soy formula, further research is warranted before recommendations can be provided to parents and carers of young infants.The study has been published in Human Reproduction.It has been added to foundation cream and Dr Ahmed hopes to come up with moisturiser and sun cream in future.Dr Ahmed‚Äôs product is liquid proof and can resist temperatures up to 400 degrees. She also wants to make a stab-proof moisturiser.


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