Kaveri is my most precious and special gift: Sonali Kulkarni


While growing up, Sonali Kulkarni was shy of birthdays and celebrations. The Gulabjaam actor reveals that birthdays, back then, would mean aukshan by mom and seeking blessings from everyone at home.Urmila Matondkar is a diva and I look up to her: Sonali KulkarniI am nothing like Ghanekar, physically or mentally: Subodh BhaveSonali says, “I used to be terribly shy of my birthday, as there was no ritual of celebrating it. The importance of a birthday was limited to seeking blessings from elders, and aukshan by mom. When I was really young, I remember distributing sweets, but that too only for a few years.”The actor recalls how her first birthday party experience was when she was in college. She realised how people go all out and organise parties. “However, even then I did not have a budget to organise grand parties. But I distinctly remember, after I started working in films, I had organised a party. I had treated my friends to tutti-fruiti cakes and wafers,” smiles the actor.Sonali, remembers another time when she was surprised by the entire unit of her Italian film Fuoco su di me (2005). The director had organised for a special table filled with cheese, wine, food and champagne to celebrate Sonali’s special day.


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