Ayurvedic Formations for various Disorders


Dr. Shruti Sareen

In the event of a disease, a wise person restores the health by administering exernal and internal cleansing therapies. The disease in its early stage appears to be insignificant, but it grows and grows thereafter and after gaining a strong hold (in the body) it takes away the strength and life of the diseased person. In this condition a wise physician should closely observe the aggrevated, normal and diminished states of disease, the body of ptient, his power of digestion, his strength and mental and faculties. Only after having closely eexaminal all of these, an intelligent physician should prescribe proper medicines. Medicines are prescribed for mlany diseases based on their qualities, preparation, types of administration etc, and below there asre some examples mentioned to explain the various ayurvedic formations which can be prescribed in number of diseases.
Vasanta Malati Rasa:-It is famour sfor its action on fever, it is also helpful in disease like chronic fever, dhatugata jwara, diarrhoes, raktatisora, blood disorders, pittaja roga (with milk), menorrhogia,,bleeding piles, severe eye diseases, malaria.
Silajit:-Silajit is a precious drug as it is effective in various diseases because it is highly useful in loss of immunity and epidemics. It is a very effective medicine in the treatment of diabetes.
Svarnabhasma;-Svarna bhasma is administered with ginger juice. It strengthens the circulatory organs and nervous systems, and helps in cardiac ailments. It eliminates different tyupes of toxins in the gody and cures various diseases. When all tereatments gets ieffective in any disease an oral administered of svarna bhasna would be the judicious choice.
Guduci:-Depending upon the day of choice for the particular diseases, any combination consisting of the guduci as the man ingredient might be selected. E.g. vatarakta guduci is to be the drug of choice.
Kravyadi Rasa:-Kravyadi rosa, it is known for digestive power. In the intake of heavy meat, it is advicedd.
Punarnava;- IT can be used in all kind of inflammation, and can be advised again where regeneration properly required in the degeneractive condition of the cells/tissues/body.
Sarasavatarista:-it can be used as a drug of choice for various mental ailments, it is alos indicated in a condition like deafness.
Candra Prabhavati:-A well known classical preparation Candraprabhavati, it is mentioned in the treatment of promeha.
Lasuna:- Lasuna Processed by the rasayana method cures all kinds of avarona except those associated with pitta and rakla. It can be also used in infertility and impotenly.
Yograja Guggulu:- The use of Yogaraj guggulu with rasnadi kwath cures all vata (Nervous) disorders, with kakolyodi kwatha cures pitta disorders;with arogvadadi kvathna cures kapha disorders, with cures urine cures panduroga (anemia);with honey cures medarrdhi(obesity); kustha (skn diseases and leprosy).
Dr.Shruti Sareen
PG Scholar
Deptt.of Kayachikitsa
Jammu Institute of Ayurvedic & Research


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