Kubbra Sait: Sexual predators made advances claiming that ‘I felt it too”


The #MeToo movement in India gained momentum ever since actor Tanushree Dutt voiced her ordeal of facing sexual harassment at the hands of co-actor Nana Patekar while filming Horn OK Pleassss (2009).With several women coming out and talking about their personal experiences, it seems the movement is spreading everywhere and not just Bollywood. While many are naming and shaming the culprit, Sacred Games actor Kubbra Sait has come out to share her experience, though without taking names. The actor admits that she was also propositioned and that “the advances made by sexual predators in the showbiz made her feel devastated and very angry.”Asked if she would want to identify anyone here, she says, “No. I don’t want to name people. Yes, I have been propositioned, and even had people made advances under the pretext of, ‘I know you felt it too, I know you wanted it too’,” says the actor, who understands what a woman goes through in such situations.Recalling the horrific experience, she adds that the incident troubled her a lot and therefore, she decided to deal with such people in her own way. “It bothered me, it made me angry, but I took my time to heal. I reckon [that] I heal comparatively sooner.


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