NPP getting tremendous response from Jammu voters: Harsh


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Oct 06:
Describing the erstwhile BJP-PDP rule as the worst ever era of mal-governance, stalled development, decadence and corruption, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister said that it was for the first time that people had expressed so much jubilation over the fall of any political govt. He said that the collapse of the govt was inevitable as the very foundation of coalition rule was laid on falsehood, opportunism and selfish interests. He said that having failed to deliver, the BJP in particular was under tremendous fire in both Jammu and Ladakh regions with not a single promise having been redeemed in its three and a half year rule. He said that fearing complete rout in the ensuing elections next year, the BJP was left with no option but to pull out from the PDP led govt as a measure of face saving, said Harsh. He was addressing huge public meetings in various Wards of JMC during a road show in Jammu today.
Accusing the BJP of having surrendered over all Jammu centric issues before PDP for the sake of power, Mr. Singh said that not a single slogan incorporated by the saffron party in its vision document of 2014 had been implemented despite its being an equal partner in the govt. “It not only compromised over Jammu’s share in development projects and employment avenues but bartered away the very dignity and self respect of the dogras for petty political gains. And while it endorsed the separatists agenda of Kashmir centric forces, the people of Jammu were left to reconcile with their worst than second grade status”, rued Harsh. The only achievement of these leaders, said Singh, was their personal enrichment at public expense as they succeeded in enhancing all their perks and allowances besides doubling all their emoluments. Not only that the erstwhile coalition rule witnessed massive corruption in various sectors with the helmsmen openly promoting a culture of patronized corruption, remarked Harsh. He hoped that people of Jammu region would give a befitting reply to BJP for all its surrenders and blunders in the ongoing ULB elections. He said that NPP was the lone crusader for the cause of Jammu and would continue to fight for its rights in all odds. None can quell the voice of Panthers who were emerging stronger with each passing day and getting tremendous public response from Jammu voters.
Appealing the people to vote for party candidates, Mr. Singh re-iterated the resolve of Panthers Party to work for re-organization of the state in the ultimate interest of the people of Jammu. He said that tremendous public response to NPP was indicative of the fact that the people were desperately needing a change.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Mrs. Manju Singh, Chatter Pal, Tarsem Singh, Karishma Thakur, Sunny Sehgal, Suresh Sharma, K.K Sharma, Satvir, Rajinder Gupta besides others.


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