Petrol, diesel continue to touch new height


NEW DELHI ,sep 28:
Citizens are yet to receive any respite form fuel prices, as the rate of petrol and diesel have once again witnessed a hike in the country on Friday.In New Delhi, petrol is being retailed at Rs 83.33 (increased by Rs 0.22) per litre, while diesel is bring sold at Rs 74.42 (increased by Rs 0.18) per litre.Meanwhile, a litre of petrol has touched at Rs 90.57 (increased by Rs 0.22) per litre in Mumbai, while diesel has been capped at Rs 79.01 (increased by Rs 0.19) per litre.
Fuel prices have been witnessing a steep rise since the past few weeks. While the opposition has repeatedly blamed the union government for not doing enough to keep a check on fuel prices, the latter has maintained that global crude oil prices and other international factors are causing a hike in prices petroleum products.
As per India’s pricing mechanism, the demotic fuel prices depend upon the international fuel prices on a 15-day average and the value of the Indian rupee.


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