Harsh appeals Jammu to vote for change


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Sep 20:
Urging upon the people to vote for change, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister today said that having experimented with various National and other regional political parties of the state, the people of Jammu were a disappointed lot today.
While the national parties including BJP and Congress acted on the dictations of their New Delhi Masters, the NC and PDP had always persisted with their Kashmir centric agenda besides pampering the separatist forces and promoting their agenda, said Singh.
He said that under the circumstances the Jammu region was pushed to terminal decline with the Dogras having been humiliated and made to reconcile with worse than second class status. He said that having been ignored and deprived by all the said parties, the people of Jammu were increasingly reposing their faith in the Panthers Party and seriously considering it as the viable alternative to all other traditional parties. He was addressing a huge public gathering in Roop Nagar, Ward No.62 of JMC today.
Accusing the erstwhile regime and other mandated leaders of Jammu including BJP, Congress, NC and PDP of having belittled and betrayed the people of Jammu, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that NPP was the only ray of hope and the lone crusader for the cause of Jammu.
“Being the only recognized party of the region, it alone could dispense justice to the Dogras as it was neither required to seek consent of Kashmir leaders nor had it to take advice from New Delhi. It alone could agitate the issues confronting the Jammu people and work for restoration of Dogra pride and honour without any kind of intervention of Kashmir or New Delhi. So strengthen NPP to empower Jammu”, said Mr. Singh.
Flaying the NC and PDP for boycott of local bodies polls and Congress for its double speak over the issue, Mr. Singh said that these parties and amply demonstrated their contempt for democratic decentralization.
He said that not only Congress-NC but also BJP-PDP alliance neglected the empowerment of people during their respective terms only to rule such local bodies by proxy. And consequently, the state was deprived of the funds for development of such units of local self governance which were withheld by GOI, said Singh.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Jitender Singh Chib, Roshan Paloria, Mrs. Manju Singh, Neeru Manhas, Sheetal Gupta, Partap Singh, Satvir Manhas, Jeevan Sharma, Lucky besides others.


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