I want to do things that are out of my comfort zone: Shama Sikander


Actress Shama Sikander who is a fashionista and a true trendsetter thinks that to stay fit you need to keep your mind fit and stay positive. Recently Shama’s web series Ab Dil Ki Sunn has won many accolades for her role. In an exclusive interview, Shama reveals her future plans and her fitness mantra.But I don’t really see why it should not exist. If we can’t be always positive and kind then nothing can’t be that way. So, accept it, acceptance is better than neglecting it or denying it as it will only cause more problem. So yeah, just leave the negative and focus on the positive, on yourself and keep doing what you want to! How sweet is that! I am also eager to see myself on the big screen honestly. Sometimes things take time. But I do know one thing that I will become a big star and you will see me a lot on the big screen. As I said, things do take time to work out but they will happen when the right time comes. All I have to do is work hard and be patient. At the moment, I am focusing on some really good scripts that will enhance my performance level and that will give me the challenge to excel in my art, knowledge, and experience. I want to do things that are out of my comfort zone. So that I can excel as a human being as well as an actor. Trust me there is something great coming up but I want to hold on to it before sharing anything much about it.


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