First look of Kareena Kapoor Khan as an RJ, here’s what her show is all about


The first look of actor Kareena Kapoor Khan’s new radio show is out and she looks set to take callers and their queries head on. Dressed in a comfortable orange and white off shoulder dress, Kareena’s hair is pulled back. She holds an orange-coloured headphone in her hand a huge Mike in front of her.Kareena’s radio show is scheduled go on air from December on Ishq FM and for the same she did this photo shoot recently, reported Mumbai Mirror.
The report added that Kareena was obviously excited about this new venture and wanted to explore a new medium. Confirming the news, she was quoted in the report as saying: “I couldn’t have asked for a better start on this platform. I am doing my first radio show and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”Karan had also given relationship tips to Ranbir Kapoor, currently dating Alia Bhatt, who had asked him how he should correct a mistake which he has repeated in his relationships. To this, Karan’s advice was pretty direct. “Then you should exit that relationship. Because there’s no way you can make two mistakes, one after the other, without realising that something is actually wrong.


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