5 Compelling Reasons Why Love Sonia is Must Watch


Love Sonia that created a storm in International Festivals for its remarkably brilliant plot released in theatres today! Directed by Tabrez Noorani, Love Sonia, the story of an Indian village girl who gets caught in the cuff of prostitution is set to shock us and give us an outdoor view on the unforgiving truths of the world! Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should definitely watch Love Sonia:
1. Hard-hitting Story
Love Sonia tells the story of two sisters, Sonia (Mrunal) and Preeti (Riya) whose lives change after their poor farmer father, (Adil Hussain) sells off Preeti to a procurer due to poverty. Sonia, who loves her sister dearly, moves to Mumbai in search of her and gets trapped in the vicious world of human trafficking herself.
2. Grey Characters
Every character in the film is well thought of and explored further to bring in elements of change and perspective. Unlike other mainstream films, there are no good guys or bad guys in Love Sonia. In fact, each character lies somewhere in between black and white shades, portraying grey layers of qualities that one will find quite difficult to judge.
3. Excellent Cinematography
Every part of the film is shot in actual locations whether it is the town towards north of Maharashtra where Sonia’s family resides or the brothel where Sonia ends up in Mumbai’s red light area. Every scene, every frame, and every shot is thoroughly given texture to, in order to bring out the reality of the plot.


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