Kolamaavu Kokila movie review: Nayanthara hits it out of the park with this one


I have to admit that I was rooting badly for Kolamaavu Kokila. It was for several reasons. First, when have we had a woman drug peddler for a protagonist? Second, the film is headlined by Nayanthara, who is truly living up to her Lady Superstar status. While there is much to complain about the roles that our heroines get in commercial films, we have an actor who is slowly proving that women-centric films could be profitable as well. Nayanthara did it with Aramm, and now, she is poised for another win with Kolamaavu Kokila.Kolamaavu Kokila takes some time to build its foundation but Nelson strikes gold with the dark humour. We get to meet Kokila (Nayanthara) and her family comprising Saranya Ponvannan, Jacqueline and RS Shivaji. Kokila gets ousted from her job after she refuses to indulge her boss’ sexual advances. Her mother is diagnosed with lung cancer with a price tag of Rs 15 lakh placed on her life. A family of limited means, Kokila tries to get the money through several means – loans, NGOs, relatives. When nothing works out and she chances upon an interaction with a smuggling gang, she chooses to deliver Kolamaavu (slang for cocaine) for the money.While the references to Breaking Bad are quite obvious, Kolamaavu Kokila has a lot working in her favour. The film takes its stereotypes and delightfully subverts them on all counts, thus pushing the film into a place of constant irony.


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