Baby brought back to life after he was ‘refrigerated’


A baby who stopped breathing was brought back to life after being ‘refrigerated’ in a cooling blanket, the Daily Mail reported.Simon Meanwell, stopped breathing suddenly 90 minutes after being born. Doctors rushed the now six-month-old to a specialist neonatal clinic to save his life.In an ambulance, doctors placed the youngster from Colsterworth, Lincolnshire (UK), in a cooling blanket. It helped lower his temperature by 4°C (39°F). The blanket contain cool water that circulates, which reduces the child’s body temperature from 37°C-to-33°C (98°F-to-91°F) for almost three days.
“The relatively new treatment is thought to prevent babies who are deprived of oxygen from suffering seizures by slowing the production of harmful substances in their brains and decreasing the rate of brain cell death,” the report stated.A 3-year-old child who drank 3 cups of cow’s milk a day was 1.5 cm taller than a child of the same age who drank other types of milk. Cow milk is a good source of B vitamins which ensures healthy functioning of the brain, nervous system and sleep-wake cycles.
The young boy’s parents James and Helen are now sharing their story to bring awareness about the treatment and raise money for the facilities that saved their son’s life.”We are in no doubt that had a special paediatric ambulance not been available as promptly as it was Simon’s future would be looking very different to what it does now,” James is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.


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