Priyanka, Nick share similar thoughts on having babies; singer confirms engagement?


The official confirmation that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ fans have been waiting for, of their engagement, is yet to come and is making their followers more and more impatient.
But for now, the latter might have hinted or rather confirmed, perhaps accidentally, that they are engaged.
So, Nick was congratulated on his ‘engagement’ by a fan recently and the singer said, “Thanks man”, according to a report in US Weekly.
Well, he’s supposed to deny it if the exchange of rings didn’t happen or say, ‘No comments’ or not react at all, but the actor-singer did none of that.
Was it one of those moments when someone quickly asks or says something to you when you least expect it, and the truth accidentally comes out?
And it could also be possible that Nick is thinking about starting a family as well and it could be soon. He told media in USA recently, “(Having a family of my own) is the goal. It’s definitely something that I hope will happen. I am not sure of the exact timeline. But, I need to give my nieces cousins at some point.”
He added, “The best part about being an uncle is that it’s like training wheels. You get to spend time with these young people and have some responsibility, which is nice.”Nick’s quote reminded us of Priyanka’s views about marriage and kids, and it is quite similar.


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