Thanks to Indian coach, words are not lost in translation anymore: Sardar


Senior players Sardar Singh and Manpreet Singh say having an Indian as the national team’s head coach has broken all communication barriers and tactically too Harendra Singh is no less than any of his foreign counterparts.
Harendra, who was appointed in May, coached India to a second straight runners-up finish at the Champions Trophy last month. “I still remember Harendra paaji had called me to a national camp 15-16 years ago. We go back a long way. I played under him even when he was assisting Jose Brasa in 2009,” Sardar told PTI.
“It is a different feeling working with an Indian coach. We can discuss anything with him under the sun. He also openly advises us and knows that as senior players we can’t change our game completely,” he added.
‘Absorbing coach’s advice’
There is still time to explain things during training but absorbing coach’s advice during the two-minute break between quarters can be tough. That is where Harendra has made a massive difference. “If you see he has given results whether it is with the women’s team or the men’s junior side which won the World Cup. He has worked with the best of coaches. One big positive (after his arrival) is that we all communicate in Hindi now.
“With foreigners, even if you miss a single point during those two-minute breaks it can create confusion in the minds of the players.


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