Sunny Leone starts a donation page for a friend in need


Sunny Leone aka Karenjit Weber recently took to Instagram to narrate the story of her friend Prabhakar. In the post, Sunny shares that Prabhakar is actually the one who takes care of her whole team while she is shooting. He is like a part of her family as her kids calls him Mamaji (uncle). Sunny shares that Prabhakar is the sole breadwinner of his family but has been fighting kidney failure lately. The expenses are now getting a little too much for him to handle and thus, Sunny has started a donation page for Prabhakar. Proceeds for this donation page will go towards his surgery, doctor’s consultation charges, medicines, transplant and post-operative care. He now needs a kidney transplant so he can recover properly to live and work in the field that makes him so happy. The funds raised will be used towards his: Surgery, Doctor’s Consultation Charges, Post-operative care, Medicines, Transplant.”


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