Mother of transgender son donates uterus to help trans-women have children


Giving birth to a child can be an important life experience for a lot of people but some are deprived of a chance to conceive. At the same time there are people who have the empathy and willingness to help others achieve the happiness they desire.
49-year-old Silvia Park has raised a transgender son, another child and a step child as she now knows she doesn’t want more children. This is why she has decided to donate her uterus to help transgender women who might need it to have a child.
Meanwhile no one has been able to transplant a uterus to a person born with male anatomy as the procedure remains experimental. It has by far only helped one cis woman born without a uterus have a child.She realised how she can help the transgender community after standing in solidarity with her son through transition. Park says that transferring her uterus to a anatomical woman can help in better understanding of the process which may some day help transgender women.
Park wasn’t aware that her son who was assigned the gender female at birth had gender dysphoria until he announced to her that he was a boy at the age of 16. She got the idea to donate her uterus after reading about a woman born without one getting a transplant in 2017.


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