Murfad Killing case:Family demands fair investigation


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Aug 07:
As family members of Late. Syed Murfad Shah the whole family is in deep shock by the killing of Sayed by CRPF men at Bathandhi residence of Dr. Farooq Abdullah, according to family members of victim said this is not going to be easy for anyone who lost their young one mysteriously and police ,district administration seems not interested to lodge FIR against CRPF men till date, But police in this regard said that the Sayed has been acted just like ‘Intruder’ and breached the security by ramming into gate and drove vehicle into inner garden of the house despite repeated warnings to stop. He got off from Jeep and started scuffle while running towards lobby of house and ransacked the interior of house and was trying to go upstairs of house and police not said anything in detail.
Police should have started investigation into cold blooded murder of Sayed but what has appeared in the media clearly shown that the higher ups don’t want the CRPF men to be booked and the killing case be taken to the logical conclusion.
This is lie by the police because the gate is tall and strong ,almost not possible to broke open by a car.
The marks visible on the body of Sayed pointing towards slight contact, at best.
Had it broken the gate, the front of car fascia would bear more damage then what it has ,as shown in the pictures and video.
According to family members of Sayed was shot after scuffle in the lobby when he was trying to sneak into their bedroom. It is very difficult to understand how an intruder get access to two former Chief Minister’s lobby.
They demanded court of inquiry against the CRPF men for breach of security as is being said.


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