Did Sanjay Dutt Sleep With Kamli’s Girlfriend In Real Life? Paresh Ghelani Reveals The Truth


The Movie “SANJU” which is based on the life story of the famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, the son of another legend Lt Shree Sunil Dutt Ji. Since its launch, the film has been a top lister and has earned more than 340 Crore till now.
The credit somehow goes to the very versatile and talented actor Ranbir Kapoor who has proved with this that he is still the same raging superstar and he has received accolades from the fans and critics for his role as well.
So, if you have watched the movie then you must remember the scene when Sanju sleeps with his best friend’s girlfriend. Do You? The role was though beautifully played by this young and beautiful actress.So, we figured out this question and we found that PARESH GHELANI – the real-life SANJAY DUTT’s best friend answered this question with a big YES.


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