International Beer Day: 10 health benefits of drinking beer


Did you know cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass? Fun facts aside, August 3, every year is celebrated as International Beer Day. The day is commemorated to celebrate the craft of brewing and to appreciate those who involved in the preparation of this beverage.
People celebrate this by drinking beer with the friends and appreciating the work of those who brew and serve the beer like beer technicians and bartenders.
Beer is an alcoholic drink that is brewed from the cereal grains which may have certain health benefits.
Here are the health benefits of drinking beer.
*It decreases the risk of heart diseases
*It provides strength to bones
*It reduces the risk of the Kidney stone to a great extentPrevents Anemia
*Lowers the Risk of Diabetes
*It also improves the eyes health
*Boost the mental health
*Minimize the risk of cancer
*It enhances the potency and impact of vitamin E which helps in delaying the age
*Last but not least it is a great stress buster and promotes sleep.


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