Fanney Khan movie review: This Anil Kapoor film is unbelievably awful


Anil Kapoor plays Prashant Sharma aka Fanney Khan, a blue-collar worker who dreams of stardom for his daughter Lata, an overweight plain-faced teenager blessed with a lovely voice. She is a huge fan of famous singer Baby Singh (Rai) and wants her (Baby’s) charmed life, and her proud papa will let nothing get in the way, not logic, not believability. film starts by toplining some real, serious concerns: how body image has become such a huge part of celebrity culture, how fat-shaming can be the worst thing for a young person just starting out exploring self-hood, and how much pressure there is around the whole circus of being famous. But none of these crucial issues are explored; after a cursory mention, the film gets lost in tired Which is not something you can accuse this film of, on the whole. And that’s the trouble.‘ghar-ghar’.clichés.The young actor who plays Lata (Sand) is reassuringly real, and nails the vibe of being an annoying teenager constantly at war with her parents.


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