Delay in dissolution of Assembly unjustified: Harsh


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu Aug 2:
Observing that political stalemate in the state was being exploited by the members of the suspended assembly to wade into administrative domain with unwarranted interference in the affairs of the state, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister sought immediate dissolution of Assembly in accordance with the mandate of law and constitution. He said that taking advantage of their undetermined status, the suspended MLAs were transgressing into the arena of administration and exerting pulls and pressures upon bureaucracy for extracting undue favours. Asserting that prolonged suspension was bad in law, Mr. Singh maintained that continued suspension of Assembly for more than 44 days now defied all logic and rationale. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.
Asserting that suspension of Assembly can’t be allowed to continue for indefinite period, Mr. Singh observed that it was supposed to be temporary period to give opportunity to various political parties to delineate their respective stands with regard to govt formation. And if none of the political parties or combination of political parties was in a position to form the govt, the only alternative was to dissolve the Assembly.
He said that such being the position of law as well as the precedents over the subject, it was highly unjustified to prolong the suspension process.
He said that not only legal position and precedents but even the justice Sarkaria Commission had also recommended the immediate dissolution of Assembly in case no political party or combination of parties was coming forth to form the govt without giving them time to resort to unethical means to capture power by subverting the spirit of democracy.
Mr. Harsh Dev Singh further appealed the Governor to insulate the administration from political adventurism.
He said that some over ambitious bureaucrats were still trying to promote the agenda of BJP leaders in Jammu under the mistaken belief that they were once again going to form the govt. And such kind of misleading impressions were deliberately being given by these reckless politicians to sub serve their vested personal and political motives, claimed Harsh.


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