People won’t forgive PDP, BJP for betrayal: Bhalla


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu,July21 :
Accusing PDP and BJP of betraying people to get benefitted politically and to save their sinking boat, former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla said people of the State would never forget for what PDP-BJP have done to the state and people by “misleading them on the name of so called agenda of alliance. “Both the parties have played with the emotions of people for the sake of power by playing emotional cards in the elections,” Bhalla said while addressing workers meeting at Shomali Mohalla in Gandhi Nagar constituency. Prominent among those present on the occasion include Amrit Bali Sarpanch & PCC members, Suresh Sharma Gen.Secy, Bishan Singh Jamwal,Ramesh Kumar, Harjeet Singh, Des Raj and other prominent people of locality.Bhalla said that after three years ruling BJP-PDP miserably lost the ground in state.
Describing PDP-BJP alliance a complete failure, Bhalla said that people in all the three regions are suffering badly due to political drama staged by PDP-BJP after leaving people midway on mercy of God.
He cautioned against attempts of trampling the inclusive spirit of Jammu, saying the people won’t spare those trying to break their time tested unity.
Bhalla lashed out at the BJP for ditching people of Jammu and said its pretentions have fallen apart during the past nearly four years, as this region has suffered the most.
By exploiting sentiments of innocent Dogras for decades, the BJP stands exposed for the self-centric approach of its leaders, whose greed has superimposed public interest in every arena.
He said the self-respecting people of Jammu won’t forgive exploiters of their interests and sentiments. Speaking on the occasion, former Minister castigated the BJP for anti-poor and anti-workers’ policies, saying the introduction of GST had jeopardized the interests of both-the entrepreneurs and the workers. “By promising Ache Din for the poor, they have broken the backbone of skilled and unskilled work force”, he said.
Bhalla invited the attention of Governor Administration towards release of pending DA in public sector and private sector, release of 6th and 7th Pay Commission arrears, pension benefits to Public Sector employees, implementation of SRO-43 in Public Sector, regularization of daily wagers, casual workers, consolidated employees, ITI diploma holders in PSUs and Government Departments, setting up of non-polluting as well as employment generating units, closing of polluting units, abolition of contract system in private sector, employment of locals in private sector besides introduction of a viable Industrial Policy.
Bhalla slammed the BJP-PDP coalition, which remained in power for three years, charging it with creating more problems than resolving them. Their tenure have proved that they have created more controversies, problems and issues rather than solving any problem or resolving any issue. This government created more uncalled for and avoidable controversies than settling the existing ones and created more wedge between different sections and regions than bridging the gaps. “The agenda of alliance was a mere piece of paper and eyewash to hoodwink their electorate, as both the partners continue slogans and rhetorics on core issues vitiating the atmosphere in the state”, Bhalla said. He said the coalition partners stood exposed within half way period of their tenure and people were feeling cheated by the false propaganda and politics of lies and exploitation.


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