Broadband India Forum sets up 5G committee; 5G trials on public safety


New Delhi,jul 19:
Broadband India Forum (BIF) today said it has set up a ‘5G committee’ to push the momentum on rollout of 5G trials with key industry players, and help covert the 5G-linked policy goals to business-friendly implementation.
A statement by BIF also claimed that 5G trials will be initiated by Nokia for public safety, Sterlite for manufacturing and Aeris for Internet of Things or IoT.
“The 5G committee aims to help execute the mission of the Government HL (high level) forum on 5G and champion large-scale trials across verticals,” a BIF statement said.
Tis committee will also look to push the approach on spectrum, infrastructure policies, industry investment, and all the other essential elements required to make India a front-runner in 5G deployment and use, the think tank added.
The BIF 5G committee, at its meeting yesterday also saw ‘first response public safety network’ being proposed as a trial case, the statement said adding trials will focus on ensuring an environment of public safety.”The committee also zeroed down on the two other industry verticals – Internet of Things (IoT) and manufacturing where the first set of 5G trials will be carried. Each of these verticals will be headed by an industry leader who will be driving the 5G trials with support and collaboration of other leading industry players,” it said.
The companies identified for carrying out first set of 5G trials include Nokia for public safety, Sterlite for manufacturing and Aeris for IoT, it said adding that the first set of these trials is expected to be completed by end of 2018 or early 2019. The BIF said it will frame and release Request for Proposal (RFP) by early August for these trials.


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