Are you complaining of constant knee pain? Do these 5 thingjs to keep your joints healthy


There can be more than one reason for a knee pain; either you will be overweight, not working out enough or overdoing it. If you ignore your knee pain and live with it for years, there are high chances of you getting arthritis before old age. So, how about you take care of it today, rather than wait for the disease to hunt you down!
Although there isn’t a foolproof way to control arthritis, you can however bring little changes in your lifestyle and bring down the risk of developing painful joints.Below mentioned are five ways to prevent your joints from harmful disease:Maintain a healthy body weight
If your weight is in sync with your age and height, there are less chances of you being affected by arthritis. If you are overweight by even as little as 5 or 10 kgs, your joints feel the burden. Due to stress caused by the extra weight the cartilage around your joints wears away resulting in joint pain in knees, hips and feet. This is why maintaining a healthy weight is the best method to avoid any kind of arthritis.
Opt for Low-Impact ExercisesExercise is a must to keep you in shape but you need to be careful about the exercise you choose. High-impact work out like running and jogging puts immense stress on the joints of your knee and can lead to your cartilage wearing off faster than normal and may also result in an ACL injury. Rather you could go with low-impact workouts like swimming or cycling which can strengthen the muscles close to your joints and also assist in maintaining a healthy body weight.
Stretch before and after exerciseStretching before and after exercise is required to only loosen your joints and muscles but also to keep injuries at bay. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or a regular person indulging in any kind of sport, stretching has to be done before and after, also known as warm-up and cool-down. This keeps sports injuries at bay. For those with weak joints yoga is a good option to strengthen muscles and achieve flexibility.
Keep Moving
Whether you are at your workplace or home, ensure that you keep shifting your position. If you are sedentary all day and not moving around as much as your body should, you will start experiencing joint pain in knee.
Exercise in Limits
It is natural for you to have aching joints after workout, but if the pain persists for more than a couple of days, there are chances that you may have overworked your joints. This can end up being harmful to your joints in the long run and could also result in an ACL injury.


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