This is what Sofia Hayat had to say to the man who offered her 20 lakhs for a night!


The former nun who is an actress, model and singer has worked in many British and Indian projects. She has also been termed ‘Curvy Icon’ by Vogue Italia. Recently, a man recently asked her out offering 20 lacks for a night. Model and actress Sofia Hayat is very active on social media. Especially on Instagram. She keeps posting amazing pictures for her followers on it. She talks about a lot of things on Social media and is a very positive person.She, later on, turned nun and embraced spirituality, or to say, and she announced having done that.Which raised a lot of eyebrows and many said that this is nothing but a publicity stunt. The actress even after turning nun hasn’t changed and still post amazing bold pictures for her followers. In fact, she has also posted a number of videos and photos of her intimate moments with her husband on Instagram and got criticised for them.
But sharing an incident. When a man asked her to spend a night with him and offered her 20 Lakh rupees.
Her reply was epic to the same.


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