Almost half of all men have no idea how often their wives get an orgasm: survey


Rising awareness about intimacy has led to couples giving more importance to satisfaction for both partners in bed. But while many try different ways to have a fulfilling sex life, do men really know where they stand?Meanwhile, sex researchers have focused on what happens in bed. They’ve found that the quality of couples’ lovemaking makes a major difference in women’s rates of orgasm, much more difference than psychological or sociological factors.
The female orgasm has been talked about a lot for the past few years as satisfaction for women is becoming crucial. But a new survey shows that almost half of all men are clueless about the number of times their wife gets an orgasm.
While the findings suggest that nine in 10 men experience regular orgasms, the same was true for only 49 percent women. The situation is worrying since women whose husbands don’t know when she gets an orgasm are more likely to be unhappy in a relationship.Ever since 1948 when Alfred Kinsey launched modern sex research, one finding has been confirmed and re-confirmed over and over again. Compared with men, women are considerably less likely to have orgasms. Men report orgasms in approximately 95 percent of heterosexual encounters, but for women, depending on the study, the figure ranges from only 50 to 70 percent.
Psychologists and sociologists have focused on the women. They’ve found that four variables make modest differences in women’s rates of orgasm:
It also found that more than one in five women orgasm less than four times in 10 sexual encounters.


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