Silence of Kashmiri leaders over attempt to forcibly convert Sikh girl explains why CBI probe was denied in Rasana case: Lal Singh


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, Jul 16:
Condemning the attack on a Sikh girl and subsequent attempt to force her to change her religion in Kashmir valley, Ex-Minister and MLA Basholi Choudhary Lal Singh expressed surprise over the silence of the so-called secular leaders of Kashmir valley who left no stone unturned to denigrate Dogras of Jammu region after the Rasana case.
“These communal leaders with bigoted mindset who called every Jammuite rapist and rape apologist should die with shame over how an entire community of Kashmiri Pandits was driven out of Kashmir valley and now, how attempts are being to force another community out of Kashmir. These attempts would not succeed and Dogras would not let people with communal agenda succeed. Governor N.N.Vohra should take cognizance of this issue and take strict action against those who are stooges and agents of religious fanatics and Pakistan,” said Choudhary Lal Singh in a statement issued here today.
He added “The brave girl who stood-up against the religious fanatics is an inspiration for many others and more importantly, for we Dogras who are seeking Justice for the 8 year old Goddess of Rasana who was brutally murdered. This incident has exposed the so-called communal leaders of Kashmir valley who left no stone unturned to malign Dogras of Jammu region. Those who came all the way from valley to vitiate atmos
Silence of Kashmiri …..
phere of Jammu region found no time to visit this brave Sikh Girl and report her plight to the whole world. Had she not taken to social media, no one would have ever come to know about this incident of highly communal nature.”
“I commend this brave Sikh Girl and assure her that Dogras are with her. She should remain assured that we are solidly behind her. If she wishes to pursue her studies here, we would ensure that all possible arrangements are made for the same. Dogras should use social media and explore all other possible ways and means to assure the brave Sikh girl that we are with her. And the government should take strict action against those fanatics who tried to force this girl to change her religion,” said Choudhary Lal Singh while adding that those who used to shed crocodile tears over Rasana have got exposed.
“Look who was talking about honour and dignity, someone who has not spoken a word about the plight of this Sikh girl. She tried to use Rasana to show how much she cared for the girl child but her silence after having lost power speaks in volumes about how communal her style of functioning was. She tried to use Rasana to resurrect her image and convince fanatics in Kashmir valley that she was their leader. And she and her party alongwith other so-called leaders of Kashmir valley are silent since they have always pursued a religious agenda under the garb of secularism. They have always preferred to stand alongside fanatics and religious zealots,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
Asking people of Jammu region to remain united and desist from following people with divisive agenda, Choudhary Lal Singh said “Be careful! A coterie of thugs is trying to divide we Dogras. Be on an alert and don’t let them succeed. We have won half the battle and a little more patience would ensure that we win the battle hands down. CBI probe will be ordered in Rasana case and I know that they have no option but to order the same at the earliest. Let us not lose and be assured that CBI would soon take up the Rasana case and bring the reality before the people.”


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