Yoga for forearm strength


Gomukhasana (Cow pose)Stand on the knees and place the hips on the ankles. Keep the spine extended and the palm on the thighs. Soften the facial muscles, close the eyes and focus on the breath.
Inhale; lift the right arm up above the head. Exhale; bend the right arm from the elbow and take it behind the lower spine, palms facing the front.
Hold the pose breathing deeply. Extend the spine and open the chest with every inhaling breath and maintain the opening with everyexhaling breath.Hold the pose for 5 to 10 breaths. Then release the pose.Repeat the same on the left arm. Relax.This pose strengthens the legs and releases tension around the hip flexors and round the shoulders.Anahatasana (Melting heart)
Yoga for forearm strength
Come on all fours with knees on the floor inline with the hips. The shin bones are firmly on the floor, the toes can be flexed or towards the ground, the palms are in line with the shoulders.
Inhale; walk the palms forward and the hips back. As you exhale, move your buttocks halfway back toward your heels. Keep the hips in line to the knees and try to keep the elbows off the floor.
Exhale; touch the forehead or chin on the floor or use a block or a bolster if this is not comfortable and touch the forehead on the prop. Keep the natural curve of the spine and try not to over-arch the lower back. Contract the lower abdominal muscles in to support the spine. Breathe deeply.


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