Just 15 minutes of exercise can make a new skill stick


Exercising for 15 minutes after learning something new can helps to lock-in your memory, a new study has found.
Something as simple as a short jog can help you learn faster by “increasing brain connectivity and efficiency”, the Daily Mail reported. However, it takes a day for it to take effect.
For the study, McGill University researchers had participants perform a task similar to a video game. They had to connect rectangles together on a screen quickly by using a joystick that controlled the cursor.
Only half of them exercised for 15 minutes after completing the task. The team found there was less activity in the brains of participants who did exercise.
However, those participants fared better at the task the next day.
“Because the neural activation in the brains of those who had exercised was much lower, the neural resources could then be put to other tasks,” lead author of the study Fabien Dal Maso,told the Daily Mail.


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