Seva Dal is backbone of Congress Party:Desai


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, July 10 :
All India Congress Seva Dal Chief Lal Ji Desai has said that Congress party would not be cowed down by the communal and divisive forces who have posed a great threat to secular fabric of the country and would defeat their nefarious designs.
Addressing a gathering of State congress Seva Dal leaders and activists, the newly appointed All India Chief of Congress Seva Dal Shri Desai said that Congress Seva Dal is the backbone of the congress party and it has a disciplined and dedicated cadre all over the country to prorogate the congress philosophy and ideology and combat communal and divisive forces in the country, who are spreading hatred. He said the state of J&K needs a strong organization like Seva Dal, to defeat the nefarious designs of communal and divisive forces.
M.P Jain In-Charge Seva Dal Congress J&K, Dr Amarjeet Singh Central Observer, PCC Vice President Raman Bhalla, Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma, State Seva Dal Chief B.S. Sambyal, Vinod Sharma, PCC Secretary Pawan Raina and Additional Chief Congress Seva Dal J&k Shri Surjeet Singh Bakshi were prominent who attended.
In this regard PCC vice-President Shri Raman Bhalla and Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma while addressing the gathering referred to the vital role of Seva Dal in the congress Party and felt the need to further expand its activities to educate and awaken the people about the policies and programe of the party. They said that collapse of opportunist alliance of PDP-BJP has left a vacuum in the state, which has to be filled by the congress party to serve the people.
They said that time has come to confront the communal ad divisive forces in the state, In a more aggressive manner. the congress party has to defeat the disruptive forces in the state, which needs a strong co-ordination at all levels.
Other prominent who attended were Ms. Tamana, Kramat Malik, Daljit Singh Wazir, Rajesh Sadotra, Rajni Sharma, Pardeep Singh, Surinder Manhas, Ajit Sambyal, Yashpal Sharma, Sunil Sharma, Sunil Dutt, Ravi Shan, Surinder Manhas, Ramesh Gupta, Kamlesh Basih, Ashish Magotra, Sunita Sharma, Pankaj Chibber, Lotus Rajput, Parshant Sharma, Smt. Reeta Devi, Smt. Reva Bandral, Dara Singh, Mohan Singh and others.


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