JPPF submits memorandum to UN office on report of the situation of human rights in Kashmir


Shadow, Correspondent
Jammu, July 10
Jammu Province Peoples Forum (JPPF), a conglomerate of more than 50 social, religious, commercial, educationist, traders, NGOs and other Institutes engaged in the betterment and upliftment of the people of Jammu Province, on Tuesday held a strong protest against the report on the situation of Human Rights in Kashmir and submitted a memorandum to UN office.
JPPF members through memorandum said, “We out rightly reject the report on the situation of Human Rights in Kashmir: Development in the State of Jammu and Kashmir from June 2016-April 2018 and general human rights concerns in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.”
They added the entire report is malicious, arbitrary, biased, communal and concocted non factual driving the facts from the air which were non- existent having no ground and have hurt the sentiments of the people of J&K.
It seems that the report has been made on the behest of the vested interest of certain countries involved to defame the Indian union and the State of Jammu and Kashmir and consideration of the communal agenda against the resolution of the UN to dump the problems of the Kashmir without further consultation, they said.
“We are basing on opinion on the facts figures and situation prevailing from 2016-18 as mentioned in the report,” they said adding that it is a matter of serious concern that a dreaded and most wanted terrorist Burhan Wani who was involved in killings/murders has been designated as leader of armed group.
Burhan Wani, they said, was basically nurturing terrorism and promoting communal alienation and was wanted in numerous cases by police, designating him as a leader is nothing more than boosting the morale of all those who are involved in similar kind of activities on the direction of Pakistan sponsored terrorist outfits like Lashkr E Toiba , Hizbul Mujaideen and many others.
They also strongly condemned the said report because the organizations involved in promoting militancy are not designated as terrorist organization but armed group.
They made it clear that the entire Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the Union of India exceeded to the dominion of India in 1947 by the then ruler Maharaja Hari Singh as per the then prevailing rules and regulations by signing the instrument of accession and the entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir comprising of 2,22,236 was acceded to the dominion of India but at present half of the Indian territory has illegal been occupied by Pakistan as well as China.
The entire Jammu and Kashmir (comprising of 22 districts) is very peaceful except four or five districts of South Kashmir where Pakistan through their agency ISI and terrorist organization are trying to destabilize the country by infiltration and ceasefire violation from the LoC, they said.
So far as the human right violation by the security forces are concerned, they said that the Indian Security forces in general and Indian Army in particular despite of providing security cover and protection to the civilians is continuously helping to provide better healthcare facilities in different part of the Jammu and Kashmir by arranging health camps free distribution of medicines free consultations for overall well being of the people living in the far flung areas of Jammu and Kashmir and in order to provide better educational facilities the Indian Army under Operation Sadbhavana has taken up several initiatives as illustrated for improvement of the life of the peopie of the local areas.
The members of the civil society of Jammu and Kashmir representing JPPF highlighted the real human rights violation taking/taken place in the state.
They said it is a worldwide known admitted fact that the Pakistan sponsored militants selectively killing the Kashmiri Pandits had created fear among the community forces mass exodus and more than 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits left their native houses and huts.
The land, business, establishments etc were also forcibly occupied by the unscrupulous elements, even the help of locals were also sought by the terrorists and they tried to purge Kashmir from the ancient and local habitants which was the worst type of human right violation took place in Kashmir, they said adding that even the other minorities such as Sikhs are everyday passing through the threats to their lives.
The cease fire violation on border area across LoC, bombardment, shelling, firing, is a regular matter, they said, which resulted in killing of 126 civilians and several were injured and lot of loss to the property, animal, crops, fruits and dislocation of the local inhabitant is the worst type of human violation.
Religious function namely Chamlayal Mela(Fair) on international border in Ramgarh area in Jammu and Kashmir which is celebrated every year on 21st June since ages was also cancelled this year due to unprovoked firing by Pakistan troops violating cease fire agreement, they said adding that the minority in Pakistan specially Hindus were 28% at the time of partition i.e, 1947 and at present it has come down to 2 – 3%, the families of Hindus in Pakistan are forcibly converted to Islam, their girls and women are abducted every now and then, many Hindu families of Pakistan have migrated to India and are not going back due to the atrocities by the majority community in Pakistan and Bangladesh and no legal action against the culprits is taken in those countries. Don’t you find human right violation in those countries?
They said, “We have tried to furnish the ground reality so as to make aware the UN of the facts about the Jammu and Kashmir; we hope the inputs provided by us will help you to take up this issue in very effective manner and to avoid any embarrassment.


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