Here’s why people born in last 6 months of the year are less likely to be obese


People across the world have become more aware of their health and obesity is a concern in many parts. But while health authorities and people try to tackle the issue, science suggests the time of a person’s birth can be linked to their chances of being obese.
Individuals born in the last six months of a year are less likely to face obesity, and scientists have an explanation for this. They revealed that having sex in winter produces children who are thinner since their bodies have better ability to burn fat.
The findings of their research showed that children born to parents who had sex in a cold climate are blessed with brown fat. This kind of fat was discovered in adults in 2009 in the spine and neck.
Brown fat has the property of burning white fat to keep our body warm. This process helps people stay thinner and brown fat is found more in those born between July and December.


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