Anganwari workers & Helpers highlight demands


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu,July 10:
Aganwari Workers and Helpers held a press conference here on Tuesday to press their long pending demands with the affi9liation of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh.
The association put charter of demands in front of Prime Minister and Hon;ble Governor i.e.releasing of pending salary, regularization ,implement social security benefits like EPF,ESI gratuity and pension promotions quota
For Anganwari ,worker be increased by 50 per cent to 100 per cent by considering proper seniority and proper nutrition be also provided to centers.
Forum also demanded for the retired workers as R.5Lac to workers and Rs3 Lac to helpers with out more delay.Koshalya Devi, Veena Devi,Chintapurni, Parsino Devi, Veshno Devi, Rekha Devi, Vijay Kumai, Manju,Kamlesh Kumari and Anita Devi.


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